Prologue: Botany and Clyde

In February 2011, McCarren Park launched its first story lines on Twitter. The first scenes in this story revolved around a podcast. This podcast in fact. This is the piece, it was performed live and live-streamed thanks to the Transmedia NYC Meetup. You can see another angle of it here.

But the full experience was also on Twitter, because as a live performance, you can’t see all the angles from a single camera. Our dear aspiring grad student, Ellie, and her friend the Chaotician were not the only characters in attendance. Ellie’s boyfriend, Alan was in the audience and you could see his reactions only through the magic of the internet.

Here’s a sense of what that event looked like online.Botany and Clyde Podcast: From the Internet’s Viewpoint.

So, as of now the only way to get all these perspectives to you is a bunch of videos, but rest assured, we’re working on it. There are a couple cool interactive programs we’ll be profiling in the next few weeks that will show different ways to mash these all together into something larger than the sum of their parts.

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